Southwest Region Clubs in Good Standing with CFA as of January 29, 2018:

Abyssinian Breeders Int’l
Abyssinian Midwest Breeders
All States Burmese Society
Americans In Paradise
Americans West
Beverly Hills Cat Club
Cable Car Cats
California Silver Fanciers
Cat Fanciers Of Hawaii
Cat-A-Lina Cats Cat Club
Cochise Cat Fanciers
Cornish Rex Breed Club
Crafty Cat (The)
Crown City Cat Club
Desert Cats
Fancycat Cat Club
Friends & Family
Golden West Cat Club
Grand Canyon Cat Club
Hawai’i Hulacat Club
Hemet Feline Fanciers
Kino Kat Klub
Las Flores Cat Club
Las Vegas Cat Club
Los Colores Cat Club
Lucky Penny Cat Club
Maine Attraction Cat Fanciers
Malibu Cat Club
Marina All Breed Cat Club
New Millenium Cat Club
Opposites Attract Cat Club
Paul Raines Cal Sld Color Cc
Phoenix Feline Fanciers
Poinsettia City Cat Club
San Diego Cat Fanciers
Sandcastle Cat Fanciers Society
Santa Monica Cat Club
Siamese Fanciers
Slinky Cats Cat Club
Southwest Japanese Bobtail Fanciers
Superstition Cat Fanciers
Sushi Cats Cat Fanciers
Tabby Fanciers Of America
Tonks West
Victor Valley Cat Club (The)