Photo Instructions for Regional Awards


Congrats on your RW, DM or GoD award!  Here is all the information you need to supply photos for the trophies.

Please complete the worksheet below and send ALL photos and information to Carolyn Osier.  She will pass them along as needed.

The award winners are responsible for any costs associated with the high-resolution image files.

Photo prints MUST be VERTICAL to use in trophy. You may use vertical or horizontal files for the booklet or slide show. The region pays for the prints. You must pay the photographer for digital files.

Please use professional photos if at all possible; it saves endless hours of work. Remember that the Region pays for the photo print to be used in the trophy so you may send a low resolution file plus the photographer’s ID # so that Carolyn can order the right photo.

WORKSHEET (copy and paste  or download in PDF or Word format)

Owner’s name:

Cat’s name:

Breed/color/sex of cat:

Circle award group:   Championship     Kitten     Premiership     HHP     Veteran     DM     GoD

Award placement (Best through 25th):

Photographer                                           or non-professional photo taken by

Vertical photo at 300 dpi to be ordered by the Region from photographer for trophy – Please supply photographer’s ID #

If not ordered from professional photographer, please supply a matte finish print :

  • 5×3 1/2 for 2nd through 25th Championship/Kitten/Premiership
  • 5×3 1/2 for 2nd through 15th HHP
  • 5×3 1/2 for 2nd through 6th Veteran
  • 4×6 for GoD and DM
  • 5×7 for Best Championship/Kitten/Premiership/HHP/Veteran

Digital file photo for booklet ( vertical or horizontal) at high resolution (300 dpi) for 4×6 inch 1200×1800 pixels.

Coming from photographer? ID number please

Coming from owner?

Digital file photo for slide show ( vertical or horizontal) also at high resolution

Coming from photographer? ID number please

Coming from owner?

Email or snail mail completed Worksheet to:

Carolyn Osier or

31445 Via La Mora, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Phone – 949-363-8703