Award Sponsorships

***Sponsorships after May 20th may have a note card to the winner instead of being listed in awards booklet***

Been admiring a special cat all season?  Want to congratulate a friend?  Honor your favorite breed?  Sponsor their awards!  We’ll be updating the standings every Friday until CFA publishes the final ones around May 14.

To pay via PayPal or credit card, select the awards you’d like to sponsor and add them to the shopping cart and proceed through PayPal checkout.  Please If you prefer to pay via check or cash please email Lisa.

Please email Lisa with your message.  Your sponsorship message will be a surprise, revealed in the awards booklet at the banquet.

Regional Wins, Distinguished Merit & Grands of Distinction $50 Each

Kittens (updated 05/13)

1. Chelsea Rose Bobs Your Uncle, British Shorthair  SPONSORED
2. Toxicate Mist Water-Colored Memries, Exotic  SPONSORED
3. Kitties Land Oliver Of Chelsea Rose, British Shorthair
4. Windyvalley’s Dior J’Adore, Parti-Colored Persian  SPONSORED
5. Shelbie Felix Filium, American Bobtail Longhair  SPONSORED
6. Shelbie’s Bare-Leigh Legal, Sphynx

7. Kikapoo Full-On-Nude of Golden Gun, Sphynx  SPONSORED
8. Persipals A Kind-of-Magic, Tabby Persian  SPONSORED
9. Calicats Stella Luna, Maine Coon Cat  SPONSORED
10. Chocolado’s Fancy Pants of Kugan, Siamese

11. Nepeta Race The Moon of Jedicat, Siamese

12. Toxicate Fuzzy Navel, Exotic  SPONSORED

13. Jazzycats Calvin Klein, Exotic  SPONSORED
14. Fujicats Pipster of Pattnchat, Devon Rex

15. Jazzycats Eye Candy, Exotic

16. Vivatonk Destiny’s Hope, Tonkinese  SPONSORED
17. Ragissa Tibet of Dolly Ave, Ragdoll  SPONSORED

18. Chelsea Rose Piccadilly, British Shorthair

19. Featherland Kingfish, Norwegian Forest Cat

20. Cat-Ching Dakota Dreamer, Tabby Persian  SPONSORED
21. Jobara’s Nijiiro, Devon Rex  SPONSORED
22. Featherland Roland, Norwegian Forest Cat

23. Solemate Blue Skye Of Doll Villa, Ragdoll  SPONSORED
24. De Bears Winter Storm Kori, Burmese  SPONSORED
25. Bella Amore’s Bellissima, Bicolor Persian  SPONSORED

Championship (updated 05/13)

1. Toxicate Fuzzy Navel, Exotic  SPONSORED
2. Yettem Roma of Catsafrats, Solid Persian  SPONSORED
3. Suncoon Simba of Fujicats, Maine Coon Cat SPONSORED
4. Chiffondolls Simba of Doll Villa, Ragdoll  SPONSORED
5. Nepeta Race The Moon of Jedicat, Siamese

6. Acatamiaward A-List, Siamese  SPONSORED
7. Nepeta Quintero of Jedicat, Siamese

8. Houseofblues Mimi, Chartreux  SPONSORED
9. Wil-O-Glen’s Si Como No, Abyssinian  SPONSORED
10. Fujicats Confetti of Taylor-Baron, Devon Rex

11. Blakewood Eclair De Lune of Nudawnz, Colorpoint Shorthair

12. Featherland Tinuviel, Norwegian Forest Cat

13. Crossfire Here’s The Deal, Abyssinian  SPONSORED
14. Jazzycats Super Mario, Exotic

15. Shelbie Secondhand Serenade, American Bobtail Longhair  SPONSORED
16. Ginchika Ursula Andress, Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

17. Rex-O-Rama Creamsicle, Cornish Rex

18. Da Bruddahs Carole King, Siamese  SPONSORED
19. Saynday Jamie of 3Janes, Abyssinian  SPONSORED
20. Featherland Kingfish, Norwegian Forest Cat

21. Toxicate Way Too Hot To Handle, Exotic

22. Vivatonk Destiny’s Hope, Tonkinese  SPONSORED
23. Tonkville Princess Kate, Tonkinese  SPONSORED
24. Simply O’s Chanel of Perfection, Oriental Shorthair  SPONSORED
25. Quails Nest Peppakakor of Boska, Cornish Rex  SPONSORED

Premiership (updated 05/13)

1. Fujicats Apollo Of Taylor-Baron, Burmilla Shorthair  SPONSORED
2. Coonyham Highlander Of Ginchika, Maine Coon Cat  SPONSORED
3. Silverestate Ikioi, Silver-Golden Persian  SPONSORED
4. Je Ris Mace Windu Of Sunfox, Turkish Angora  SPONSORED
5. Kikapoo Bare By Design Of Katfold, Sphynx  SPONSORED
6. Jobara’s Nijiiro, Devon Rex  SPONSORED
7. De Bears Kara Janx, Burmese

8. Ginchika ZZ Top, Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

9. Jazzycats Oo Lala Lulu, Exotic

10. Clowntown’s Pop-Eyes of Rowleycats, Colorpoint Shorthair  SPONSORED
11. Clowntown’s Way To Go Of Kadabra, Oriental Shorthair  SPONSORED
12. Lunarkatz Hyperspace, Tonkinese  SPONSORED
13. Passaya Neuk Fan Chai of Fujicats, Korat

14. Pattnchat Uptown Funk, Devon Rex  SPONSORED
15. Devinedevons Blue Bit-A-Heaven, Devon Rex  SPONSORED
16. Kistha Peaches-N-Cream of QED Cats, Smoke-Shaded Persian  SPONSORED
17. Silkbear Grace Slik Of Bear Country, European Burmese

18. Scrimshaw Django, Solid Persian  SPONSORED

19. Wil-O-Glen’s Lakota, Abyssinian  SPONSORED
20. Curl Essence Withstanding The Storm, American Curl Longhair

21. Sirbastion Wind Song, Silver-Golden Persian  SPONSORED
22. A Kitkat Sweet Basil, Himalayan Persian  SPONSORED
23. Shelbie’s Premium Filium, American Bobtail Longhair  SPONSORED
24. Xocol Cuba Libre of Fujicats, Havana Brown

25. Kaluamoa Kauai Dashing Diva, Siamese  SPONSORED

Household Pet (updated 05/13)

1. Gary Galavant  SPONSORED
2. Gromit  SPONSORED
4. Sparkling Crystal  SPONSORED
7. Duke

8. Duncan Macleod  SPONSORED
9. Alvin

10. Benji Fonzirelli

11. Tarjae  SPONSORED
12. Rummy

13. Moana

14. New Mexican Moonshine

15. Jack Jack  SPONSORED

Veterans (updated 04/21)

1. Castlekatz Mary Poppins of Ginchika, British Shorthair SPONSORED
2. Yavapai’s Merlin, Abyssinian  SPONSORED
3. Stonehaven Suncruiser of Cantagree, British Shorthair

Agility (Updated 05/17)

1. GC, AM Halima Vesper Lynd of Pussy Galore, Turkish Van

Distinguished Merit (updated 05/13)

Validian Crystal Charm Of Parti Wai, DM

Panei Cloisonne Of Validian, DM

GC Candirand’S Devilish Dreams, DM

Attitudeacre The Chocolatier, DM, American Bobtail

Shelbie Nala Bee, DM, American Bobtail

Shelbie’s Rosa Blanca, DM, American Bobtail

CH Shelbie Bullet For My Valentine, DM, American Bobtail

Nascat Mustang Sally Of Calicats, DM, Maine Coon Cat

CH Melodygarden Brambles Of Clowntown, DM, American Shorthair  SPONSORED
GC, RW Divinity Smokin Hottie Of Jazzycats, DM, Exotic

GC, RW Fujicats Pixie Chick of Pattnchat, DM, Devon Rex

Grands of Distinction (updated 05/13)

GHD, HRW Tarjae, Household Pet

GHD Rummy, Household Pet

GHD, HRW Alvin, Household Pet

GHD, HRW Benji Fonzirelli, Household Pet

GHD, HRW Duke, Household Pet

GHD, HRW New Mexican Moonshine, Household Pet

GHD, HRW Gypsy, Household Pet

GHD, HRW Spats, Household Pet

GPD, NW Silverestate Ikioi, Silver-Golden Persian  SPONSORED
GHD, HRW Sparkling Crystal, Household Pet SPONSORED

GHD, HRW Duncan Macleod, Household Pet  SPONSORED
GHD, HRW Gromit, Household Pet  SPONSORED
GHD, HRW Raine, Household Pet SPONSORED

Breed Wins $25 Per Breed (updated 05/13)

Abyssinian  SPONSORED
American Bobtail – LH

American Shorthair  SPONSORED
Balinese – Javanese

Burmilla Shorthair

Colorpoint Shorthair  SPONSORED
Devon Rex


Japanese Bobtail – SH

Maine Coon Cat  SPONSORED
Norwegian Forest Cat  SPONSORED
Oriental – Shorthair  SPONSORED
Persian – Solid Color

Persian – Calico & Bi-Color



Tonkinese  SPONSORED